24 January 2011


So, I have thought about blogging before, then started feeling self conscious and silly, never shared it with anyone and gave it up quickly. Lets see how it goes this time.

I've done some soul searching while being a stay at home mom, and have really discovered for myself what my priorities are. My goals have been to feed my family healthy homemade food, reduce the toxins we are exposed to and reduce our environmental impact, on a single income.

I know the environment, health and reducing toxins are popular topics these days, but how many people make changes? Who actually shops only the perimeter of the grocery store? Who doesn't use plastic? It's really hard to change things we have always done and look at our choices more closely. It's especially hard when the cheap Chinese product is half the price of the better choice. By making one small change at a time, it's happening for us.

There is more to it though. It's important for me to try to create a place of serenity and happiness for our family, a sanctuary from the crazy world out there. There are various ways I've been working to make this happen that I will share.

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