25 January 2011

Dance Like Only the Kids Are Watching

On these frigid days of winter it is hard to find the motivation to get active.  Participation recommends children get 60 minutes of physical activity every day and it's hard enough to even leave the house when it is -30C.    One of Lauren's Christmas presents this year was a kid's dance game for Wii.  Although I'm not big on video games for kids, anything that can bring the family together, exercise and laugh is welcome.  Just Dance - Kids is really a lot of fun. It has younger kids' songs like Happy Birthday, songs by Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles to older kids' (and grown-ups') songs, Who Let the Dogs Out and Funkytown. The kids love it, but they also feed off of your energy. If you are just sitting on the couch watching, it isn't much fun for anyone.  I like to get up, get silly, dance like only the kids are watching, and give it all I've got. The score is irrelevant. I feel a little embarrassed when I work up a sweat to a kids game, but hey, why not? I'd only be hurting myself and the kids if I didn't. By the way, I am not posting any pictures or videos of myself dancing, so don't ask.

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