26 January 2011

Feng Shui for the Master Bedroom

I have been reading up on Feng Shui recently. It's an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, using astronomy and geology to arrange buildings and furnishings for the best possible flow of energy. I know you just rolled your eyes, but stay with me here for a minute. I don't know that I believe in Feng Shui either, but I know that it works. What I have found is that when Feng Shui is used, it creates a comfortable space while really serving the purpose of the room. I find that people who create comfortable, well decorated rooms instinctively use Feng Shui techniques without knowing it. When these techniques are broken down into a science with certain rules to follow, anyone can be a good decorator.

There are several schools of Feng Shui. Some schools use landscape features, some use compass directions, others use the layout of a building or room from the entrance. Sometimes it's difficult to sort it all out, but they all have some basic things in common.

When you rolled your eyes I think you were picturing the use of objects that are irrelevant to our culture.  Here's a quiz for you. What are these things and what do they mean?

Yeah, that's what I thought.  These are all objects used in traditional Chinese Feng Shui, but I believe these things are too culturally specific to have any meaning for you or your subconscious.

Here are some tips for the master bedroom:

Clear out clutter so that energy can flow freely.

Face it, you know it has to be done. Can anyone feel truly restful and comfortable surrounded by a big to do list? We had just moved into our house, so we were starting with a blank slate.

The bed should have a good solid wall behind it. Try to avoid having the bed share a wall with plumbing. The foot of the bed should not be directly in line with a door. Make sure there are no sharp corners directed at your bed. If this is unavoidable, place an object there that will soften the corner. Both sides of the bed should be easily accessible. If you can see a toilet in the ensuite bathroom from bed, put something between and always keep the door closed.

There are usually only one or two choices for bed placement. My bed was placed on the only wall it could be placed on, which works out pretty well. I'm facing an ensuite door when I sleep, but I try to keep it closed. There is a small corner, but with where the dresser has been placed, it allows the energy to flow along.

Remove electronic devices from the room. They emit electro-magnetic frequencies which bring too much yang energy into the bedroom.

I think electronics create unnecessary clutter in the bedroom as well as EMFs. I've also been insistent on keeping the TV out of the bedroom because I don't need to watch the news and know who's been murdered before bed or other things that could affect my sleep. TV also takes away from other things you could be doing in the bedroom... like reading. (Okay, other things too.) Trust me, lose the TV.

Avoid using mirrors in the bedroom, especially if they are directed at the bed. It speeds up the energy, making it bounce around the room. You're trying to create a place where the energy moves freely, but slowly.

I removed a mirrror that was opposite a window.  I still have to replace it with something else.

Use a sturdy solid headboard preferably made of wood.

Luckily I have one already.

Balance the night stands. They can be different, as long as they are equal size and weight. Make sure they are uncluttered, with objects like lamps, balanced on either side. It is important to create a balance in your relationship. If only one person has a night table, inequalities will develop in the relationship.

This is one we really had to fix. My husband came into the relationship with a matching dresser and night stand. We have been using those. I haven't needed an alarm clock, working later shifts or being home with the kids. He has always had the alarm clock, night stand and lamp on his side of the bed. After reading about Feng Shui, we decided to get ourselves a set of night stands that matched our bed, with matching lamps on top.

Use pictures and decorations that are inspiring or show coupled objects. Never show images of only one object, or images that portray sadness or loneliness. Use warm "fire" colours in decor.

Once again, we were starting with a blank slate. I have put up a couple pieces of astrology art and a frame with wedding pictures.  I have a little figure of a couple embracing that found a home on my dresser after the move. Besides that, I have placed a couple of frames on the walls, but still have to fill them.

Use natural fibers for the bedding like cotton, silk or linen in skin tone colours.

I was in the market for some new bedding anyway. I really wanted to buy something that was made of organic cotton, but they were all too expensive for me at this time. I did however choose sheets that were advertised as using fewer chemicals and woven using less cotton fiber. The duvet cover and throw are cotton. I find that I am naturally drawn to neutral colours, so I didn't have a problem with the "skin tones".

Avoid the use of blue or water in the bedroom. The water extinguishes "the flame".

I replaced the blue blanket on my bamboo ladder with a red one.

The bedroom is a private space, avoid family photos.

I put pictures of my kids everywhere. I'll have to try refrain when I decide to fill the frames on my walls. This is also the reason why I'm not posting any pictures of my room.

Groupings of candles create the best light for the bedroom, but don't fall asleep with them lit.  Choose natural beeswax or soy candles rather than paraffin. Avoid heavy fragrance which can contain any number of chemicals that you don't want. Keep your interior air free of these pollutants.

I found some natural locally made beeswax candles.  We have to be very careful in our house with the use of fragrances due to my husband's allergies, so we are always aware of what we use. Recently in the news, endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic phthalates have received a lot of attention. They are in fragrances.

If there is a corner where the energy seems stagnant, place an object there which has upward movement.

My bamboo ladder :)

Some say to keep plants out of the bedroom, others say to have plants in the bedroom. It seems important to both sides of the argument, however they conflict and I haven't been able to sort it out.

We just moved in, with no plants. My husband with his allergies prefers to have no plants in the bedroom, so that's what we are going with.

Sleep with all doors closed, in the dark. 

I have read that it is best for serotonin production to sleep in the dark. It's hard for us to keep the doors closed with pets and kids, someone always wants in or out. The closet doors however, are a matter of laziness I guess. It certainly feels better when the closet clutter is hidden behind the doors.

I'm certainly not a Feng Shui professional, and don't claim to be. I do think however, that the changes I have made to the room helped it to become much more comfortable. I'm pretty excited to have my own night stand and lamp now. :)

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  1. I also practice Feng Shui to a certain extent as I am a person who is always redecorating a room. Your comments and suggestions will be things I will certainly consider as I think about my next renovation.