29 January 2011

Herbs Indoors

In the dead of winter with low levels of sunlight, I got the itch to get my hands dirty. I have never planted indoor herbs, and at this point my thumb is anything but green. I have a lot to learn, but I'll only learn by doing.

I picked up some herb seeds, potting soil and pretty little clay pots. I didn't have any pots, or containers on hand that would provide proper drainage, if I had I would have used that.  I find the plain terra cotta clay pots are so pretty and inexpensive too (and they're not plastic or from China). Now the potting soil, I suppose in hind sight if I wanted these things organic, I shouldn't have gotten the potting soil containing "plant food".

I read a little bit about preparing the soil. The suggestions were to put some gravel in the bottom, then mix the potting soil with sand. Since I was already at home, I wasn't about to buy those things. My driveway is gravel, however it's frozen solid and covered with ice and snow. Then I realized that I have some fish gravel and polished river rocks that I was using in decorations. That would do. As for mixing the soil with sand, those herbs are just going to have to deal with what they've got.

My daughter helped with planting the seeds. The package directions say to space them apart to certain specifications etc. Yeah right. Try give a 3 year old some seeds resembling poppy seeds in her hand to plant. They are certainly not spaced. I guess we'll have to thin them out after they germinate.

She then proceeded to name them, to know which herb was which. They are Mr. Silly Grass (chives), Miss Rose (rosemary), Mr. Silly Thyme and Mr. Silly Basil.

They were then watered and placed on the kitchen window sill with a southern exposure. I hope that they have enough light and not get too cold with it being winter. There is a fluorescent light fixture at the top of the window if I need it. Now we cross our fingers and wait.

Update: All four have sprouted!

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