25 February 2011

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products contain many nasty chemicals which are very attractively marketed to us. I really don't want to clean, so any product that promises to make it easier, I want to fall for. I have honestly never had little magical scrubbers dance around my bathtub, or forest creatures come to clean for me when I whistle a cleaning song. Unfortunately, cleaning is work, and it isn't going to do itself, no matter how much I wish on stars.

I was a bit of a cleaning product junkie until becoming aware of the products that really affect my husband's allergies. We decided to rid our home of any cleaning products that aggravated his symptoms. Recently we moved to a house with a septic system and have become more aware of all of the harmful things we were putting down the drain. There are a number of things we are no longer able to use. Should we really have been putting those things down the drain in a municipal system either? 

I could research all of the nasty toxins in these household cleaners for you, list them, what they are in, and why they should be avoided, but I think you get it. Some are bad for the water system, some have chemical reactions when combined, some are hormone disrupters, some are carcinogens, some affect mood & behaviour, and most are bad for skin and allergies. Have you thought about how trace amounts of various products could potentially create little chemical reactions inside your cells? Or whether or not your body has the natural defenses to clean out these very foreign toxins?

By the amount of products available on the market claiming to be green, I'm glad to see that a lot of people get it. With every purchase you make, you are voting on what kind of world you want.

These products are a step in the right direction. You still have to read carefully because some products may claim to be green because they don't contain phosphates, but it doesn't mean they don't contain other nasty things.

I still buy these products, but think that there must be a better way to clean, so that I know exactly what I'm using, saving money and hopefully cutting down on waste from packaging. As I run out of these products, I'm going to try replacing them with homemade ones. I'll add links from this post as I try them.

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  1. Water and vinegar is recommended for hardwood flooring Amber. In fact it's an excellent cleaner for a variety of surfaces and is obviously very green. Thanks for your interesting posts.