25 February 2011

Glass Cleaner

I've tried using simply vinegar and water to clean glass before. It seemed to work okay, not great. I'm really not fond of the vinegar smell either. I decided to try another recipe when I ran out of Windex.

I wanted to reuse the empty Windex spray bottle, so I rinsed it out thoroughly first. I'm not a chemist, and don't remember anything from high school so I'll play it safe to avoid potential chemical reactions. 

This recipe makes 515 mL, so it'll fit in my 765mL bottle. I've learned the hard way a few too many times that I can't pour. So using a funnel I put the following ingredients in the bottle and gave it a shake.

1 cup rubbing alcohol
1 cup water
1 tablespoon vinegar

The verdict: 

I tested it out on my bathroom mirror first, used it in the normal way, spray and wipe. It worked really, really well. I'm impressed with how well it cleaned. The alcohol in the mixture caused the cleaner that remained on the glass after wiping, to evaporate. It was just like the commercial stuff. The downside, it smelled pretty bad.  The alcohol smell isn't better than the vinegar smell.  I'll use it up, since it's very effective, but I'll probably try another recipe next time unless there is some kind of alcohol that doesn't stink.


  1. We usually just use vinegar and water for everything, but mirrors have been an issue. I'm going to try this out,even though it smells bad! :)

  2. I like vinegar too, but.. on glass, it doesn't quite do it for me. I've been stocked on windex since my adventures in couponing, so I haven't tried any other alternatives. I still have a bottle of this mixed up and tried it again today, I don't seem to mind it as much for some reason, maybe some of the alcohol has evaporated, I don't know. It still worked well though.