01 February 2011

Organizing Waste

We were out this weekend, looking for some supplies to tile our kitchen backsplash at the Habitat for Humanity's Restore.  If you have one in your area, you should really check it out. There are so many treasures. We saw a lot of furniture, including a super cute wooden chair that I didn't need, for $3. We didn't come home with any tiles, realizing that we'd probably have to measure first, and have samples of our colours to match. We did however find something else, and yes, bought more plastic. Uggghh..

I've been looking at these pull out waste organizers for a while, but honestly, they are really really overpriced, retailing up around $100. $100 for a garbage can? Never. This one was $40, which I suppose is still a lot for a garbage can, but I will justify it the best that I can.

  • Proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.
  • It will make sorting the recycling so much more convenient (I won't have to spend 15 minutes out in the cold sorting every Wednesday night)
  • I will be less lazy about recycling the little things, when the recycling is right beside the garbage.
  • I will feel happier and more at peace by clearing up clutter.


The recycling would inevitably pull off the curtain pull-back under the pressure of a few too many wine bottles.


Oooh, I'm so organized, I'm feeling a little "Martha". I'll refrain from labeling however, that would be much too OTT.

    I put plastic bags in all of them before realizing that I don't need  them at all for the recycling. We always rinse out the recycling so that it doesn't become a sticky mess when it's sorted. This is also the reason the lids were unnecessary.  The bins lift right out, so that I can take them out to the blue bins when full.

    We all know why we should recycle, yada yada. Beyond that, in our community, we have a reason to be a bit more motivated. Weekly blue box pick-up is free, garbage pick-up is $2.50 per bag. I think it's a good idea.

    This thing had to be installed in a different cupboard, because of the sink plumbing being in the way. Now I just have to stop opening the wrong door for the garbage, and my cat has to eventually realize I'm not opening the other one to get her food.

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