06 September 2011

Neglecting the Blog

I've seriously been neglecting the blog.

Shall I try to make excuses, or just accept that it's because I've been keeping busy with other things. There really have been a lot of things happening, many of which I could have blogged about. Some of the things I've been busy with over the summer are: my garden, couponing, canning, creating a budget, looking at properties, and visiting family. In addition to the day to day kids, cleaning and cooking of course.

I hope I continue blogging, I enjoy getting my thoughts out in this way. I'm sure this blog will evolve in a slightly different direction from here, continuing with my original theme.

If there's one thing I've discovered in the mean time, it's that it's easy to have all the answers to something before experiencing it. Then only in hindsight, you can see how much you didn't know, and still don't, and maybe never will.

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