16 January 2012

garden planning, part 1

The snow has finally fallen and stayed on the ground. We haven't had much winter so far. I'm a bit of the wuss in the cold, and really have to find something that will make me get out there. Anyway, as it is at the moment, I'm anxious for spring to come to I can play outside in the dirt. The only thing I can do now is plan, and buy my seeds.

This will be only our second year planting a garden, so it's guaranteed to not go as planned this year, either. We were really happy with all of the vegetables we managed to grow. We have tons of canned tomatoes (I haven't had to buy pasta sauce), lots of frozen green beans, pickled beets, relish, cucumber pickles, pickled peppers and salsa. There are also 5 remaining squashes. Although we had a nice harvest, it was definitely a year for learning. Our rows weren't straight, we planted too much of some things, too little of others, had success with some things, and others refused to grow. Also, we met the Colorado potato beetles, who ate up our potato plants. So this year, we have a tiny bit of previous experience to go on.

I have been reading more and more about GMOs and treated seeds, as well as how the big seed companies are trying to create a monopoly. There is is a bill making it's way through government in New Zealand, which under the guise of food safety, would essentially ban people from growing their own food. Growers would be required to be licensed. So with all of this, I decided that I've had enough of that and would support the little guys instead, planting heirloom seeds.

So this is my list of what we will grow this year, which is guaranteed to change by planting time:

1 x rhubarb
25 x tomatoes - amish paste
3 x grape tomatoes - anna aasa
1 pkg corn - luther hill
1 box seed potatoes - yukon gold
3 boxes seed potatoes - russet
2 pkgs carrots - dragon
50? heads garlic
200 sets - yellow onions (maybe next year I'll try from seed)
1 pkg bush beans - provider
1 pkg peas - sugar snap
2 x basil
2 x oregano
1 pkg dill
10 x hot peppers - bulgarian carrot, fish or red rocket
20 x bell peppers - king of the north
2 pkgs beets - lutz green leaf
1 pkg lettuce - deer tongue
1 pkg brassica premium mix
1 pkg spinach - New Zealand
2 pkgs radishes - black spanish
2 hills spaghetti squash
2 hills acorn squash
1 pkg cabbage - early jersey wakefield
1 hill pumpkin - kakai
2 hills zucchini - black beauty

So, with that, I think I'm ready to order some seeds. There's a local source for these organic and heirloom seeds in Foxboro. I'd like to get up there to see the shop, The Village Green, but since I can order online, I think I will do that instead, to make sure I have the pepper seeds ready for March.

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