14 February 2012

Oh Martha, just say "pickle"

So, I've suddenly become a little tired of my builder's beige house. I didn't have much motivation to change anything for the last year, after completely redecorating our last house. It's also hard to go crazy personalizing a home, knowing we might have to move at any time, and resale is always in the back of our minds.

I promised myself to try to ignore the temporary-ness of our home, and try to live here and make the most of it. I finally got the urge to pick up a few paint swatches.

I like the colour schemes that include greens, greys and blues, but didn't think the blues would go so well with what we already have. So, I used the same greens, kept our builder's beige and added a brown and rusty orangey red.

Martha Stewart's - October Leaf, Cork Board, Honey Nougat, Sultana & Cornichon
I wanted to start in the bathroom, but couldn't decide which colour, or if I actually liked any of them.

Cornichon  (It sure looks different from above, in the light from the flash)
Then I held one up in the bedroom, yes. I'm going to paint my bedroom... cornichon.

I try to imagine what it's like in paint naming departments:

Martha's Peon 1: "Uh so what do you want to call this one?"

Martha's Peon 2: "Green."

MP1: "Seriously."

MP2: "It looks like a pickle."

MP1: "Pickle? She has enough trouble with her reputation she doesn't nee.... "

MP2: "Some sort of fancy pickle? A French pickle?"

MP1: "Sigh.. googling fancy French pickle. Uh.. cornichon?"

MP2: "There we go. That'll do."

And the result:

with cat and gymnast, of course.

Love it. It's really a great green. I had to return to the store to get a little more paint to finish the second coat. While I was there, I made the spontaneous decision to buy a gallon of "Sultana" as well.

Love how that turned out too.

I think I've had enough painting for a few weeks, but I don't think I'm done, yet. Mwahahaha! (Sorry Dave)

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