23 March 2012

like every great empire...

We don't need clean dairy practices and healthy cows. We have pasteurization.

We don't need real butter and cream. We can make something that tastes a little like it, for way cheaper.

We don't need fresh meat. We have carbon monoxide to keep it red, making it look fresh.

We don't need real meat.  We have meat glue and pink slime so it look like cut meat.

We don't need polyculture.  We have pesticides and fertilizers.

We don't need pastures. We have cheap inappropriate feed, steroids, hormones and antibiotics.

We don't need fats, herbs and spices.  We have refined sugar, refined salt and flavoured chemicals.

We don't need to store food so it's clean and dry.  We can irradiate it with nuclear waste.

We don't need homemakers. We have convenience foods and daycares.

We don't need to breast feed our babies. We can support the economy by using synthetic formulas, and microwave it to create free radicals, in hormone disruptive bottles.

We don't need to be eating whole foods, using the wisdom of our ancestors. We have pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and dentists.

We don't need skilled farmers, butchers, artisans and trades. We have China and India to do that.

We don't need to live in sync with our world. We can pave over it, exterminate it and synthesize it, to make it more comfortable.

We don't need strong, healthy bodies and minds. We have a few billionaires telling us what we need and want.

So what are we left with?

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